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Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases in which the retinal nerve fibres are damaged leading to progressive optic nerve damage resulting in decreased vision or even blindness. It is an important reason for poor quality of life due to loss of vision resulting in difficulty in near vision, working in dim light and driving. The Glaucoma Clinic at Gupta Eye Hospital specialises in effective long-term management of Glaucoma and associated complications that are likely to arise with this degenerative disorder. All patients are screened for Glaucoma/possible Glaucoma, as timely intervention is crucial to its effective management.

At the front of the eye, there is a small space called the anterior chamber. Clear fluid flows in and out of the chamber to bathe and nourish nearby tissues. In Glaucoma there is an impairment in the dynamics of this fluid called aqueous humour due to varied causes, some of which are unknown leading to increase in intraocular pressure. Unless this pressure is controlled, it may cause damage to the optic nerve and loss of vision.

What is the treatment?

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes for loss of vision worldwide. However, this vision loss can be avoided by timely intervention, which is usually very simple in the form of medical treatment. Patients benefit from our state-of-the-art Glaucoma testing capabilities with specially trained Glaucoma specialists who are experts in diagnosing and providing either medical or surgical management for all types of Glaucoma. Although Glaucoma cannot be cured, it can usually be controlled. Early diagnosis and treatment helps in improving the quality of life and this vision can be preserved throughout life. Regular monitoring is an essential part of Glaucoma treatment and every glaucoma patient should visit his doctor regularly as advised.

Facilities available in Glaucoma segment

  • Visual Field Analyzer
  • RNFL analysis (Ziess, Germany)
  • Stereo Fundus Photography(Tricon, USA)
  • Applanation Tonometry
  • Gonioscopy
  • CCT (Central Corneal Thickness) measurement
  • Non Contact Tonometry/NCT(Nidek, Japan)
  • Nd YAG laser PBI
  • Trabeculectomy(Glaucoma Surgery)
  • Glaucoma Implants
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