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LASIK, is a popular surgery that can correct vision in people who are nearsighted or farsighted, or who have astigmatism. It’s one of many vision correction surgeries that work by reshaping your cornea, the clear front part of your eye, so that light focuses on the retina in the back of your eye.

At Gupta Eye Hospital we have he most advanced LASIK LASER machine for LASIK surgery (Zeiss, germany) for spectacle removal. We perform all types of spectacles removal surgeries by LASIK at our hospital with best result and best vision. Whenever It comes on spectacles removal in Panipat, Gupta Eye Hospital is the first choice of patients for LASIK Surgery.

Blade Free LASIK In Panipat

Gupta Eye Hospital is offering best Blade Free LASIK Laser Surgery in Panipat.

Say No To Glassess

Now see a clear world without glasses/Lenses and enjoy your life.

LASIK Procedure

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