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Treatment Of Sever Eye Injury In Panipat

Ocular Trauma is a broad term used to describe a physical or chemical wound to the eye or eye socket.

Most commonly, this occurs when something scratches the eye. Exposure of the eye to toxic chemicals or major trauma can cause more severe eye injury.

Symptoms vary depending on the type of injury, but may include eye pain, eye redness or discomfort when moving the eye. Treatment varies based on the severity and type of injury. Most cases should be evaluated by a doctor. Chemical injuries require immediate attention.

Emergency Services

Gupta Eye Hospital is offering 24X7 emergency services for chemical and physical injury to eyes.

Experienced Doctors

We do have doctors who has extensive experience in handling every type of Eye Trauma Cases.

Facilities In Ocular Trauma

  • Cornea/Scleral tear repair
  • Intra Ocular Foreign Body Management
  • Lid/Adnexa tear repair
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